Gun Sales Near Me: Your Local Directory

In this section: Find nearby gun dealers, repair and ammos sales. From ammo primers to surplus ammunition sales, from 22 to 45, from military surplus and bulk to vintage and antique sales - your local dealers are there for great deals and even better advice. Here are two examples:

Q: I live in Austin, TX. How would I find a local firearms dealer if I'm looking to buy a gun in Texas?
A: Click on your state (below), then "Austin" on the resulting page if you're buying a gun in Texas. You'll find contact info, plus an online map providing personalized driving directions to a store in your area.

Q: I'm looking for an automatic rifle for sale in or near Augusta, GA, specfically a 22 automatic. I'm thinking Browning or Ruger, but I'm really not sure of the make. How can I find out the best automatic rifle?
A: For firearms sales in Georgia (automatic, semi automatic, etc.), consult the listings here. Then call your local shop to find out the most popular, best sellers, "best reviewed," etc. Who better to offer advice on "what breaks less" than an experienced gun smith?